La Drôme Laboratoire support you with your indoor air quality improvement process

A turnkey solution for your indoor air quality

Housing, schools, transportation, workplaces … We spend between 70 and 90% of our time in enclosed places. We are exposed to various pollutants that we breathe daily.Today, more than 30% of people born after 1980 are clinically allergic.It is therefore important that the indoor air is healthy and controlled.

This public health issue was taken into account during the Grenelle Environment Forum in 2009. The French State has indeed made national commitments for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) with the implementation of various measures :

  • the progressive obligation of the monitoring of the Quality of the Indoor Air in the Establishments Receiving the Public (ERP)
  • the establishment of the labeling of all construction and decoration products such as paints, glues, furniture …

La Drôme Laboratoire, expert in IAQ offers you solutions adapted from sampling up to the interpretation of your results

We are one of the first French public laboratories accredited on the Air. Our expertise includes diagnosis, sampling, analysis and tailored advice.

More than 400 institutions supported in improving their indoor air

Our laboratory has indeed already carried out the monitoring of Indoor Air Quality under the COFRAC accreditation according to the LabRef30 standard for large communities at the national level.

We offer a complete service for the control of the IAQ in nurseries, schools, colleges, high schools, recreation centers and other establishments receiving the public.

For the quality of the ambient air, a tailored service

We also offer you a complete assessment of the quality of the air with the industrialists whatever their field of activity (screenings of aldehydes, hydrocarbons, ethers of glycols, compounds sulfur, compounds nitrogenous, and pesticides …) or after communities (building control High Energy Quality or ambient air pools for instance).

Microbiological analyzes can also be performed to determine and identify molds present in the ambient air.