Food microbiological analyzes

From raw materials to finished products, La Drôme Laboratoire is at your side to perform all microbiological food regulatory tests.

We put at your disposal a set of packages to control your raw materials and finished products, combining the criteria of process hygiene and safety criteria based on:

Another important step in your business is the control of cleaning protocols. We act preventively to advise you and find the cause of contamination after cleaning or to test the effectiveness of cleaning products. We offer analyzes on surface slides, wipes and swabs with the search for mesophilic flora, enterobacteria, salmonella and listeria.

Our sampling team ensures the collection in refrigerated vehicle on the sector of Drôme and Ardèche. The integrity of the samples is maintained to attest to the reliability of the analyzes.

Our team is at your disposal to answer and help you in the interpretation of your results.

Analysis of drinking water

Water is subject to health monitoring of its quality from the resource to the tap. Many technical rules of protection and prevention or administrative procedures, set by the public health code, meet the quality requirements.

The monitoring of the water quality of the public networks is ensured by the French Regional Health Agencies (ARS)

The quality of the water from production to its distribution is regulated by the decree of 11/01/2007 which sets the limit values ​​for the concentration of toxic substances likely to pollute the water of consumers. In this context, the Laboratory carries out P1, P2, D1, or D2 type analyzes defined by the French Health Agencies (ARS).

  • Water from drilling or private resource

In food processing, the uses of water are multiple. Water can be used in the manufacturing process with direct contact with food, but it can also be used as an ingredient in your recipe. The laboratory realizes all the parameters that will allow you to ensure the non-interference of water in the processes, by proposing various packages type C or type R according to the decree of 11/01/2007 for the water used in the food companies.

  • Bottled water, mineral waters, thermal waters

In the quality control of mineral water or spring water, La Drôme Laboratoire provides industrialists with complete bacteriology and chemistry analysis of the type Ress, Cdt, Th according to the regulations in force.

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Process Water Analysis

Process water refers to water used in industrial installations for the operation of a process or the manufacture of a product:

  • In food processing, the uses of water are multiple. Water can be used in the manufacturing process with direct contact with food, but it can also be used as an ingredient in your recipe. In this context, periodic monitoring must be put in place by the operator.
  • During the transformation operations (washing operations of agricultural raw materials, hydraulic conveying, bleaching, cooling by direct contact, storage in water, extraction of solutes, etc.), the water used may no longer have all the characteristics of an EDCH.

The laboratory realizes all the parameters that will allow you to make sure of the quality of the water and its non-interference in the processes. Do not hesitate to contact us by filling the form at the bottom of the page.

To go further, you can consult the ANSES guide concerning the analysis of the sanitary quality of water used in the food industry.

Analysis of discharges, waste water and RSDEs

To preserve the environment, the waste waters are treated before spilling into natural environment or in the sanitation networks. As a unit operator, you must ensure the proper operation and efficiency of your facilities, as well as the quality control of your waste.

In industrial waste waters, conventional pollutants to be slaughtered are suspended solids, dissolved organic matter, nitrogen and phosphorus, metals. Nevertheless, it is necessary to know the chemical composition of the effluents to implement a water treatment that meets the regulations in force. We also carry out monitoring of discharges for facilities classified under the RSDE – Search for Hazardous Substances in Water (24h average sampling and analyzes provided for by the Community Directive and the circular of 5 January 2009).

The Drôme Laboratoire takes you along this approach by proposing packages adapted to your rejection agreement and public regulation.

Legionella risk analyzes

Do you want to preventively control your domestic hot water (DHW) and / or cooling tower (CT) installations? Want to monitor your network to prevent a legionella risk? The analysis of the microbiological parameter Legionella pneumophila and SPP makes it possible to verify that the water complies with the quality limits prescribed by the regulations.

The laboratory carries out the classical analysis according to the so-called culture method (NF T90-431). After enumeration, the laboratory is able to determine serogroup of Legionella pneumophila.

To obtain results within 48 hours for a network cleaning check, the laboratory has new equipment to perform legionella analysis by PCR (NF T90-471).

The Drôme Laboratoire also provides its team of samplers to carry out the sampling.

All of these services for the prevention of legionella risk are carried out under Cofrac accreditation (COFRAC Accreditation, Tests, n ° 1-0852, scope available on

For further:

Decree of 1 February 2010 on the surveillance of Legionella in DHW

Decree of 14 December 2013 to the surveillance of Legionella in CT

Analysis of pesticide residues

We assay more than 800 trace molecules. Our service dedicated to the research of Organic Micropollutants carries out numerous analyzes under quality assurance, and in particular organo-nitrogen, organochlorine, organophosphorus, carbamate, aminotriazole and glyphosate compounds.

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Packaging study

Materials used for packaging subject to strict regulations aimed at preventing the migration of dangerous substances to food and damage to human health.

The laboratory brings you its expertise to analyze phthalates, bisphenol A and various additives on packaging, but also the transfer of these compounds to their contents.

In addition, we also offer metal analysis in packaging (packaging) of food products. The metal analyzes are carried out in ICP-MS or ICP-AES with a low limit of quantification, either directly on the packaging or by studying their migration. The speciation of chromium, arsenic and selenium is possible.

Did you know it? We participate in various studies including the transfer of bisphenol A beverage packaged in cans to their content.

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Microbiological air analysis

Molds inside a building can be carried by the wind through the openings, but they can also develop if the air flows are not controlled. Indeed, an increase in hygrometry in the building can lead to a spread of mold on the materials.

At the food level, Indoor Air Quality is a problem of major importance. Indeed, in the workplace, the presence of mold or bacteria can be a vector of contamination of the cooked product or manufactured.

Microbiological air monitoring verifies the level of contamination and indicates the risk for the product but also for the personnel on their workstation.

We suggest you take measurements on specific equipment. We use the impaction method that captures the molds in the air on a growing medium. Then, the analyzes of these culture media can quantify and identify if you want, the types of mold present in your working air.

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Other requests

Do you have a particular request? Specific analyzes? We offer a personalized turnkey support for all your samples.

The scope of our areas of expertise allows us to bring you a wide range of solutions.

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