Dual air analysis kit – formaldehyde & benzene

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  • Check and quantify the concentrations of benzene and formaldehyde present in your indoor air

Why search for benzene and formaldehyde in my indoor air?

  • The indoor air we breathe daily can expose us to different risks. Some molecules that are highly harmful to humans and even carcinogenic like benzene and formaldehyde can be found.
  • Air pollution, tobacco smoke, candles, heating, fireplaces, cooking appliances or even furniture … are potential sources.
  • Check and quantify the levels of benzene and formaldehyde present in your indoor air.

The analysed parameters

Benzene and Formaldehyde

Regulation related to Volatile Organic Compounds emitted into the air

French regulations set, as an annual average for long term exposure, a guideline value of

  • 2 μg / m3 for benzene
  • 30 µg/m3 for formaldehyde

Decree n ° 2011-1727 of 02 December 2011 relating to the guide values for indoor air for formaldehyde and benzene in establishments receiving public (ERP).

For more information, visit the ANSES website


The contents of the kit

A complete turnkey kit will be provided. It contains :

* 1 tube with activated carbon – benzene
* 1 triangular support – benzene (yellow)
* 1 diffusive body – benzene (yellow)
* 1 tube with grid support – formaldehyde
* 1 triangular support formaldehyde (blue)
* 1 diffusive body formaldehyde (blue)
* 1 ice cream (to be frozen at least the day before sampling)
* 1 procedure for installation and sampling
* 1 insulated envelope
* 1 prepaid return shipping slip

How to take my sample?

The collection of your indoor air is an important operation that requires special care.

Non-compliance with sampling procedures may alter the results of the analysis and distort the interpretation.

Follow the sampling procedure (instructions provided in the kit) and send us your samples for an analysis of your indoor air in our laboratory.

Delivery by our carrier is offered

Your analysis results

Results sent by email within 21 working days after receipt of samples