Subcontract your analyzes to La Drôme Laboratoire

We offer various services to meet increasingly complex, competitive and adapted demands in the areas of environment, water and food safety, and veterinary public health. Our R & D department aims to develop new methods for the analysis of new molecules with new techniques, while lowering the quantification limits.

We innovate and propose subcontracting, particularly in the fields of water, air, sludge and sediment analysis, such as the analysis of the following parameters:

  • Speciation of metals
  • Research of organic micro-pollutants
  • Analysis of emerging molecules
  • Indoor air analysis (benzene, formaldehyde, tetrachlorethylene) for estalishment open to public

We can also assist you in carrying out your samples in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes area.

Do you have a particular request? Specific analyzes? Or to complement your technical offers, the scope of our areas of expertise allows us to bring you a wide range of solutions.