Limestone prevention kit

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Prevent scaling in your pipes by measuring the presence of calcium and magnesium and water’s hardness. You will determine if you need a softener or if the existing one is working properly.

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Why check the aggressiveness of my water?

Water contains minerals: calcium and magnesium combine to form limestone. Prevent scaling of your pipes by measuring the presence of these minerals.

If you have a water softener or reverse osmosis unit, check that your water is neither too hard nor too soft.

The results will also allow you to quantify the limestone content of your water. (unit: ° F in French degree)

  • “Soft” water will be between 0 and 12 ° F
  • “Average” water will be between 13 and 18 ° F
  • Hard water will be between 19 and 30 ° F
  • Beyond 30 ° F, water is considered “very hard”

The analysed parameters

  • Physico-chemical parameters:
    • pH,
    • conductivity,
    • hardness,
    • calcium,
    • magnesium,
    • sodium,
    • chlorides


The contents of the kit

A complete turnkey kit will be provided. It contains :

  • 1 specific bottle of 500 ml sample
  • 1 insulated box
  • 2 loaves of ice (to be frozen at least the day before sampling)
  • 1 procedure for sampling
  • 1 prepaid return shipping slip

How to sample ?

The removal of your water is an important operation that requires special care.

Non-compliance with sampling procedures may alter the results of the analysis and distort the interpretation.

Follow the sampling procedure (instructions provided in the kit) and send us your samples for an analysis of your water in our laboratory.

The delivery provided by our carrier is offered.

Your analysis results

Results sent by email within 10 working days (after receipt of samples)

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