Women, men and skills

Our multidisciplinary team has a solid experience. Our technical expertise and the knowledge of our customers are real assets for public health and environmental protection missions. Thanks to its experts engineers, chemists, microbiologists, veterinarians, samplers, auditors, trainers and commercial and administrative staff, we offer an extensive range of services that includes sampling, analysis, advice and personalized follow-up.


Our technical platform is composed of different services

  • An Environment department brings together more than 40 technicians and chemical engineers, biochemists, experts in the analysis of inorganic, organic and physicochemical contaminants,
  • A Biology department includes nearly 20 technicians and engineers as well as a veterinarian, specialists in water bacteriology analysis, food microbiology and animal health,
  • A R&D department


Analytical services are complemented by support teams

  • A team of 10 sampling technicians who travels daily in the field to take samples and in-situ measurements,
  • A Commercial and Customer Relationship Management team at your service for advice and personalized follow-up of your file,
  • A Quality team and IT support team


A team at your disposal


CEO : Marie-Paule Buthod-Garçon
Scientific Director: Félix Massat
Environment Department: Anne-Gaëlle Valade
Biology Department: Delphine Forestier
R&D Department: Floriane Queiroga
Quality Department: Drifa Ben-Mohamed
Sampling Department : Yvan Serve
Sales Department: Alexandre Baylet
CFO Celine Joly