Screening of regulated animal diseases, diagnosis and prevention of farmed diseases, at the service of breeders, veterinarians and individuals

The only laboratory in the department for 30 years, approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and accredited by COFRAC, La Drôme Laboratoire carries out more than 65,000 tests per year for the diagnosis and prevention of animal diseases. Its mission is to search for and detect bacterial, viral and parasitic animal diseases from samples from domestic or wild animal species. These analyzes are part of various intervention frameworks in livestock and public health. The laboratory is at the service of:

  • Agricultural profession: breeders and GDS (Sanitary Defense Group), breeders’ cooperatives, production chains
  • The veterinary profession and the State (DDPP – Departmental Directorate for the Protection of Populations)
  • The federation of hunters and ONCFS (National Office of Hunting and Wildlife) of the Drôme
  • Private and pet owners

The Drôme laboratory is in permanent contact with the reference laboratories of ANSES and the network of departmental public laboratories.


Epidemiological watch

True local structure, the Departmental Laboratory of the Drôme is a public laboratory participating in the epidemiological watch in Drôme and Ardèche. It also intervenes in case of health crisis.

Drôme Laboratoire provides epidemiological surveillance and feeds national surveillance networks (SIGAL). It offers you its technical and veterinary expertise for the implementation of regulatory analyzes and monitoring plans ordered by the state (DDPP 26 and DDCSPP 07):

  • Brucellosis prophylaxis, enzootic bovine leucosis, bluetongue …
  • Control of herds (cattle, sheep, goats) as part of the animal health policy
  • Livestock control for ACERSA certification (IBR, Hypoderma bovis)
  • Sanitary control at slaughterhouses (trichinella, salmonellosis, flora, enterobacteria)
  • Diagnosis of animal diseases, causes of death and abortion : OSCAR plan, BVD, Q fever, chlamydiosis, toxoplasmosis, salmonellosis, visna mædi, caev, border diseasein connection with the GDS

Did you know ? As part of its policy of assistance to livestock, the Departmental Council of La Drôme provides assistance to livestock farmers for analyzes according to the context (plan for the eradication of brucellosis, enzootic bovine leucosis, tuberculosis and IBR…).


Veterinary Biology

To control animal diseases, the veterinary diagnosis must be the most accurate and the earliest. It allows to propose the best treatment and thus avoid the spread of diseases to humans and animals.

In this context, the Laboratory provides veterinary practitioners with a large number of tools and techniques:

  • Autopsy of animals to diagnose mortality in a farm, in an individual or in wildlife
  • Bacteriological culture for the identification of germs on organs
  • Parasitological and bacteriological research from samples of animal origin
  • Immunoserology and Molecular Biology Analyzes
  • Sending samples to specialized laboratories for analyzes not listed in our catalog or very specific as rabies.