• The COFRAC, French Accreditation Committee, is an association responsible for the accreditation of laboratories, certification and inspection bodies.
  • It accredits testing and analysis laboratories such as La Drôme laboratory according to standard NF EN ISO / IEC 17025 specifying the “general requirements concerning the competence of calibration and testing laboratories”.
  • This accreditation is an acknowledgment of the technical skills of our laboratory. Accredited since 1998, La Drôme laboratory has a very wide range of accreditation.

The sampling service provided by La Drôme laboratory guarantees you :

  • a sampling strategy adapted to your needs
  • a sampling according to the quality requirements
  • a complete compendium of field data
  • the necessary on-site measurements
  • the transport of the samples guaranteeing the respect of the cold chain and the starting time of analysis
Your kit or your cooler contains different bottles because: 
  • the type of bottle depends on the analyzed parameter. The bottle used to carry out the sample having an effect on the analyzed parameters, For each type of parameter, it is imperative to use suitable bottles: plastic, transparent glass, brown glass, sterile or not, with sodium thiosulphate …
  •  the volume required for the analysis depends on the technique and the method of analysis provided for each parameter.
La Drôme Laboratoire prepares all the bottles corresponding to the parameters requested in your specifications (metals, organic micropollutants, bacteriological). It is therefore imperative to respect the recommended bottles and thecriteria for acceptability of samples by La Drôme Laboratoire.
La Drôme Laboratoire analyzes the samples of more than 3,000 national (Metropolitan, Corsican) and international (including overseas) customers each year. We have therefore developed a strong logistical skill.
  • To send you the sample, we send you the coolers with our carrier.
  • To receive samples, you can either ship your coolers with the carrier of your choice or use our carrier.

Ship with La Drôme Laboratoire’s transporter : 

Our carrier La Drôme laboratoire performs the following services with delivery from the opening of the laboratory : 
  • metropolitan and Corsican expeditions : D+1
  • Overseas : D+2 before 09:00 AM
The transport provider of La Drôme Laboratoire offers a complete package tracking tool. The traceability of the package is thus ensured with flashing at each of the stages of routing from the assumption of responsibility of the shipments until the delivery. Each transporter provides a full website allowing the full tracking with the provided tracking number.
The vouchers provided by La Drôme laboratory for the shipment of your samples to the laboratory are only valid for 2 months.  If the deadline is exceeded, do not hesitate to contact us to ask us for a new voucher.

The kits ordered on the site are available in mainland France, Corsica and the French overseas territories

The billing of the service is carried out as soon as the analysis report has been communicated to you. La Drôme Laboratoire is a public service of the Department of Drôme. The invoicing of your service is thus followed by the services of the Public Treasury. We send you by mail :
  • the invoice edited by La Drôme Laboratoire
  • Notice of the amounts to be paid published by the Public Treasury which specifies the terms of payment
La Drôme Laboratoire simplifies your efforts by offering an online payment service directly linked to the Treasury. Safe, convenient and fast, online payment allows you to pay your bills 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Get your opinion of the amounts payable by the Department of Drôme. All the necessary information for telepayment is included. Access the Telepayment of the Treasury.
According to your needs, La Drôme Laboratoire : 
  • sends you your analysis reports by mail or by email to the addresses specified during the completion of the quote
  • you make your results available on the customer account of the laboratory.
When all the criteria of acceptability of the samples will be filled upon receipt of a sample at the laboratory, reports will be issued under Cofrac accreditation #1-0852, available on www.cofrac.fr. The laboratory reserves the right not to put in analysis, the samples which present nonconformities likely to harm the results, or samples whose identification is ambiguous.