From the hayfork to the fork! Analyzes to protect the health of consumers

La Drôme Laboratoire assists and accompanies agrifood companies, local authorities, restaurant owners, producers and food artisans in setting up their quality system.

Every producer, farmer, breeder, manufacturer, processor or distributor is responsible for the products he handles. The establishment of a self-monitoring system ensures compliance with the regulatory requirements in force. Thanks to its skills, expertise and the advice provided, the laboratory supports the various production sectors in its territory.

La Drôme laboratoire, a partner for food security

La Drôme Laboratoire is a partner of choice that ensures the sanitary quality of food products.

We work in close collaboration with the departments of the State of Drôme (DDPP26) and Ardèche (DDCSPP07). We work in particular in the context of Collective Toxicological Food Infections (CTFI) during contaminations for example of Salmonella or Listeria bacteria. The accompaniment of our customers is guaranteed by our proximity and our reactivity, indispensable in the context of food security.

Accredited COFRAC in the food sector (LAB GTA 59, LAB GTA26 and 99.3), the laboratory is also approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, General Directorate for Food (GDF) for official controls.

The laboratory has state-of-the-art equipment that can search for pathogenic micro-organisms and hygiene indicators as well as unwanted contaminants. For the sanitary control of your food, various services are proposed:

  • Analysis adapted to different culinary preparations: search for pathogenic micro-organisms and micro-organisms indicating hygiene
  • Microbiological analysis of premises and equipment for food professionals (surface blade, wipe, swab)
  • Validation of the life of the products: DLC or DLUO (Date of Consumption Limit or Optimum Use Limit Date)
  • Search for contaminants and undesirable substances: nitrates, bromide, heavy metals, benzene and other volatile compounds, pesticides, PAHs, dioxins and furans, PCBs …

A local collection service

The good sampling conditions, the respect of the cold chain are guaranteed by the sampling team with collections organized on the sectors of Drôme and Ardèche. This makes it possible to preserve the integrity of the samples and to attest to the reliability of the analyzes.

Thanks to the know-how of the technicians and our experience, the laboratory team accompanies you in interpreting the results.